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You may already be aware of the ripple effect that happens when we begin taking steps towards creating intentional change in our life. Our increased ability to connect with our authentic selves enhances not only the relationship which we have with ourselves, but also the relationships we have with those around us: at home, at work and within our communities.  While navigating my own path of marriage, divorce, parenting, career change (and life in general), I learned to embrace acceptance, establish respectful boundaries, and challenge self-limiting beliefs. Through taking action to get unstuck and move forward, I created clarity, direction and momentum in my life and career.

As a solution-focused coach, I bring purpose and a passion for designing goals that are meaningful and aligned with your unique core values.  I am committed to cultivating a partnership where you can creatively explore and find clarity in the vision you have for being the best version of yourself.  I trust that as you lean in, listen to your inner voice and walk in the fullness of what you truly desire, you are able to live and lead more authentically - both personally and professionally.

My approach to coaching and facilitation is guided by the philosophy of Milton Erickson and the five Ericksonian principles: you are ok, you have resources, you make the best choices, you have positive intentions, and change is inevitable.  When wellness is cultivated in all domains - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, we are developing our capacity for personal leadership.

All offerings are designed for individuals wanting to nurture and achieve a greater sense of self-awareness and purpose.  Included in my services are: individual life and leadership coaching, personalized MBTI assessments, group facilitation and workshops.  With my combined life experience and professional background, I am able to provide a solid framework from which to define what success truly means to you and support you in putting your intentions into action.

I look forward to connecting and sharing your journey with you.


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