Myers-briggs type indicator assessment

Helping an individual understand their personality type is the first step to personal and professional growth. The MBTI® assessment helps individuals understand their strengths, their preferred working styles, and ultimately helps them see their potential. Used individually to provide self-awareness and clarity of purpose, the MBTI assessment also helps create a better understanding and appreciation between team members and colleagues – enabling them to work better together.

The MBTI tool is effective for individual development and leadership development. It can be used to:

Improve teams

Develop leaders

Resolve conflict

Strengthen communication

Guide career exploration


team workshops

As a certified MBTI practitioner, I offer both half and full day workshops customized for your team or group.

Each person receives:

  • Personalized MBTI report

  • Introduction to MBTI reference manual

Please contact me directly to discuss your needs, timing and pricing details.